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Sales and Services

Each horse boarded at our facility is provided one 12'x12' stall equipped
 with a hay rack and automatic watering system.  Animals in for training
 are fed grains and hay twice daily and may be pastured during daylight
 hours.  Exceptions to daily pasturing include periods of inclement 
weather, owner(s) request, or the safety of the animal or others.

---------------Rules for All Horses Entering Property---------------

Please note that we require a current negative Coggins test result for 
each horse entering our facility. Horse owners who cannot provide 
current negative test results will not be allowed to bring their animals on our premises under any condition.

Though not required, we encourage our customers to vaccinate horses with Eastern and Western influenza, Rhinopneumonitis, West Nile virus, Tetanus, and Rabies immunizations for the Spring and Fall seasons. Our facility will not be at fault or held accountable for any equine sickness or fatality resulting from any of these conditions.

Stallion Services

Stallion services fees are to be established between ranch management and the owner(s) of the mare to be bred.

Current Stallion Offerings

Roses Tumbleweed
Roses is a beautiful sorrel stallion with a calm, willing dispostion, an outstanding
conformation, and a smooth, steady gait.  Colts sired by this stallion have always
proven to have incredible strength, stunning muscle mass, and the same
faultless temperament.  Roses' paternal grandsire, Coronel Freckles, won the
1976 Futurity and Freckles' three-quarter brother finished second.